CEO’s Note

WELCOME to the inaugural issue of the “Exclusive From Malaysia” (EFM) eMagazine. As part of our Green Initiative, we have transitioned from print to digital, prioritising convenience and access to information.

EFM is a testament to Malaysia’s dedication towards forging relationships with clients; providing information on top-notch products and services, thus enabling them to secure better positioning in the marketplace.
The tagline, “Advancing Beyond Boundaries” reflects the zeal of Malaysian suppliers to transcend boundaries and their commitment to form a win-win partnership with their clients.
In this issue of EFM, we at MATRADE are delighted to present Malaysian home-grown companies that are setting a new paradigm in Industry 4.0. These companies showcase the Malaysian calibre and our nation’s contribution to the manufacturing, electronics, and data technology sectors, ushering in an era of technological advancement and change.
We hope our readers would find this issue useful to forge partnerships with Malaysian leading tech companies as they move forward to champion Industry 4.0.

Wan Latiff Wan Musa (Dato')
Chief Executive Officer
Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)