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About Wordlabs Business Network (WBN)

Wordlabs Business Network (WBN) was founded in 2015 to assist business organisations to adapt and grow in an increasingly uncertain and volatile world.
With a database of over 20,000 professionals and decision-makers across ASEAN, WBN is a regional business platform built together with industry partners to enable the business community in the region to meet and discuss business challenges, future trends and explore opportunities.
As communications, transport and technology have changed the way individuals live their lives, so too have these advances altered many business operations.
From Global Business Services (GBS) to 4thIndustry Revolution, to the era of startups bringing traditional giants to their knees – businesses have many challenges to tackle in this globalised world.
The discussions are not so simple anymore –not just revolving around talent, technology, costs or locations. It is much more complex.
Our intent is not to necessarily educate business practitioners and enablers on just the “how” (operational issues) –but also to focus on the “what” (strategic issues) in order to take a more comprehensive view.
This is a void WBN aspires to fill, not just with the conferences – but also by extending the conversations through all our services and media channels.
We’re proud to serve as the focal point for decision-makers in the corporate world, policy-makers, academics, trade associations and other stakeholders – enabling them to share experiences and learn from one another.
We do this through a variety of different products and services, including:

  • Quarterly conferences
  • In-house industry publication magazines (across print and digital)
  • Bespoke reports, content generation and tailor-made publications (across print and digital)
  • Workshops
  • Training
  • Bespoke events
  • Lead generation
  • Awards programme
  • Webinars and podcasts
  • PR and general media services

We leverage our media suites to create a solid backbone for our events and other initiatives to ensure continued and parallel discussions by constantly involving thought leaders.
Some of our industry publications include the Global Business Services magazine (catering to the sourcing world), the Fourth Leap (dedicated towards 4th Industrial Revolution) and many others.

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4th Industrial Revolution

Historically there have been four industrial revolutions. The first began in the early 19th century when the power of steam and water increased the productivity of physical labour.
The second revolution started almost a century later with electricity as its main driver. Industrial production led to productivity gains and opened the way for mass consumption.
Where the third industrial revolution brought us the internet, social networking and e-commerce – the 4th IndustrialRevolution (4th IR) will be characterised by artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnologies, biotechnologies and blockchain.
Like its forerunners, the 4th Industrial Revolution is generating both enormous economic potential and fears about the changes involved. These fears are being harboured not only by workers across the world but also by governments, which are uncertain about how to respond. From an economic and societal point of view, the relationship between human beings and machines will become completely new.

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