Providing The Finest Of Innovation

Penchem Technologies designs and manufactures innovative advanced solutions for electronic and automotive industries. Their top-tier electronic products boast eclectic features such as being thermally conductive, strong adhesion, and optimised for high-speeds.

Penchem Technologies Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian manufacturing company, designs and manufactures innovative advanced solutions for electronic and automotive industries. Based in Penang, the company is structured to provide for customers in Europe, the US, and the Far East since 1999.

Decades later, Penchem has evolved beyond its initial offerings and now provides a versatile range of high quality, advanced material products and solutions. These include performance polymer composite materials for thermal interfaces, LED and lighting, conductive inks, medical devices, fibre optics, general electronics and other customised products.

Cementing Customer’s Trust

The company maintains a strong and unshakeable bond with their customers in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their requirements. For two decades, Penchem has exported more than 70% of their manufactured products overseas, namely the US, China, Europe, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines.
The nucleus of their business lies in the manufacturers of telecommunication and electronic industries; thus, their tailor-made solutions are formulated fast, value for money, and adhere to multiple international quality standards. Taking it a step further, they do not compromise on technical competency, customer service and ensure that every interaction with customers gives them peace of mind.

Top-tier Products And Services

Some of their Electronic products are the Chip-On-Board epoxy (COB), which has outstanding thermo-mechanical properties and adhesion strength for maximum protection to the components; SMT epoxy which is formulated for high speed dispensing with optimised thixotropy and viscosity, thus avoiding tailing and bleeding; and UV epoxy, which is designed and optimised to bond fibre optics components, LCD panels and electronic panels.

Along with the electronic components, Penchem also offers various thermally conductive products for thermal management. Components and devices that overheats will incur more costs as they would need to be replaced more often. The Silicone Thermal Pad provides thermal conductivity up to 10W/mK with options of tacky or non-tacky surfaces.

Their Silicone Potting, often used in high-power tools and LED lighting assembly, can be used to fill up cavities and provide flowability and maximum protection to devices. Aside from that, their Silicone and Non-Silicone Putty or Silicone Grease would also do the job to fill gaps or rough surfaces. Furthermore, the products are self-levelling and have good adhesive strength on various substrates like metal and plastic.
These are but a few of their product offerings. They look to expand their technological capabilities, as they move into Industry 4.0 to better serve and maintain good rapport with their customers from all over the globe.

Contact Us:

1015, Jalan Perindustrian Bukit Minyak 7, 14100 Penang, Malaysia

Tel: +604-501 5976
Contact: Dr Ng Chee Mang


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