Powering End-To-End Industry 4.0 Solutions

Having worked their way to becoming one of the leading Industry 4.0 Consultancy and Solutions providers in the region, Elliance’s range of offerings include  IoT Cloud-Based SCADA, INFINITEbox, Kontron Embedded Solutions and SECS/GEM M2M Communication Solution.

Elliance Sdn Bhd has grown to become one of the leading Industry 4.0 Consultancy and Solutions providers for local industries. The company specialises in the provision of industrial LAN/Cloud-based automation solutions, catering primarily to the manufacturing industry.

Comprised of expert consultants in the field of Industry 4.0, the company’s focus is on aiding clients in their journey towards becoming a smart factory and how new technologies can be integrated into their operations to reach this goal.

The company provides a host of services on Industry 4.0 implementation in system integration and plant automation, which consists of process automation, visualisation and dashboard, part traceability, industrial software, IoT application, real-time monitoring, machine connection and data analysis.

One Stop Solution Centre

One of their most notable solutions offered is the IoT Cloud-Based SCADA, which is primarily used in LAN/Cloud-based applications. This solution allows management to monitor machines in their plant or factory remotely and enables them to make decisions quickly, efficiently and in real-time. Hence, any issues that crop up can be successfully addressed and solved within minutes.

Another solution offered is the SECS/GEM M2M Communication Solution, a communications solution that enables multiple machines to communicate data amongst themselves and the central management. The data accumulated can be accessed easily by the management to be analysed and scrutinised.

When it comes to data gathering, it is Elliance’s EDGE Computing INFINITEbox tat comes to the fore. The INFINITEbox is an impressive device that is capable of gathering signal data from a wide range of sensors including – but not limited to – temperature, level, vibration, voltage/current, pH, humidity, chemical composition, and motion. This particular solution is optimally placed on a production floor to enable accurate and diverse data sets.

Elliance also provides Kontron Embedded Solutions which essentially deals with software or hardware configurations whose purpose is to measure and obtain data from their respective sensors. This solution takes it a step further especially in the agricultural field, by allowing data to be measured from orchards and farms.

Currently, Elliance is the leader of a consortium that consists of industry players such as Bulk and Fluids Engineering (BAFE), Quest Adaptations, TXMR, and ISSES to name a few. All of the services and solutions they provide are flexible and customisable, further cementing their stand as an end-to-end Industry 4.0 solutions provider. The company has, in the pipeline, plans to open a Centre of Excellence for MNC’s and SME’s to prepare them for Industry 4.0.

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Elliance Sdn Bhd

31-13A-17, The CEO, Lebuh Nipah 5, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia

Tel: +604-6118076

Email: enquiry@elliancesystem.com
Contact: Mr Cheng Boon Seng

Website: www.elliancesystem.com


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