Ministry of International Trade and Industry

MITI Recollective

Striving continuously for a sustainable, prosperous and developed nation, MITI and its agencies have actively conceptualised initiatives, strengthened relationships with international partners, and engaged various stakeholders within the country. Concurrently, we are encouraging discourse amongst industry players and addressing issues that have arisen in the advent of the pandemic. 

In May, Malaysia recorded robust export performance across all sectors. Trade with ASEAN, China, the EU and the USA maintained double-digit growth in trade, exports and imports. Besides that, the Halal industry is projected to grow exponentially not just across the member states of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) but also emerging regions such as Europe, North Americas and Sub Saharan regions in Africa. This is an opportunity for Malaysia as a hub for the Halal Industry and Halal ecosystem due to our strong integrity compliance and Halal certification.

Our Senior Minister and Minister of International Trade and Industry YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali has also officially launched the Productivity Report 2021 themed “Boosting Productivity: Reset, Reform, Rebound”, which echoes our recovery journey towards heightened productivity growth.

With all these and more, MITI and the agencies under its purview aim to birth a brighter future despite the pandemic and the ensuing global disruption. With this publication - Recollective - we record these efforts for the awareness of our dear readers, keeping track also of the overall monthly trade performance and numerous investment news. 

Remember, we’re in this together and we will soldier to weather trying times. Stay tuned and stay committed. 


MITI Recollective Editorial Team