Message from the CEO

We are committed to a future where Malaysian palm oil is renowned for quality and positive contributions to the planet and society.

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the third edition of “PalmSphere”, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council’s (MPOC) sustainability newsletter. As CEO, I am honoured to continue this sustainability journey with you, our partners, and stakeholders. This edition unfolds narratives that further cement our commitment to uphold and innovate within sustainability. Our cover story, inspired by Dr Hannah Ritchie’s analysis in “Not the End of the World,” offers a cause for optimism. Dr Ritchie’s work dispels prevalent myths about palm oil, emphasising the potential for sustainable growth and responsible production within our industry.

In this edition, we highlight the inspiring story of Chai Kon Chin, an independent smallholder who transformed his conventional oil palm farm into a nature-positive model. We also explore the relevance of regenerative agriculture in oil palm plantations and SALCRA’s tree planting programme in collaboration with WWF-Malaysia and Malesiana Tropicals at Lemanak Oil Palm Estate, Sri Aman.

These stories, dear readers, are your stories. They are the narrative of a community unwavering in its commitment to sustainability, integrity, and innovation. As we move forward, let us remember that every action counts, every initiative matters, and every voice can make a difference. Your feedback, engagement, and partnership are invaluable as we stride towards a future where Malaysian palm oil is synonymous with sustainability and ethical excellence.

Together, let us continue to shape an industry that is not only a model for global sustainability but also a custodian of the earth for future generations.

Belvinder Sron