Insightful read about nurturing sustainability and ESG excellence in the Malaysian palm oil scene

We are committed to a future where Malaysian palm oil is renowned for quality and positive contributions to the planet and society.

MPOC welcomes the insightful analysis in Dr Hannah Ritchie's ground-breaking book, "Not the End of the World," which challenges widespread misinformation surrounding palm oil and offers a refreshing perspective.

Independent smallholder Chai Kon Chin shares how he transformed his conventional oil palm farm into a nature-positive farm.

Journey through the evolution of sustainability in the Malaysian palm oil industry as regenerative agriculture emerges as a transformative force.

Collaborating for environmental stewardship, SALCRA, WWF-Malaysia, and Malesiana Tropicals initiated a Tree-Planting Programme in Lemanak Oil Palm Estate, Sri Aman, to restore critical riparian buffer zones with native species and engage local communities.

Your go-to guide for understanding the palm oil industry and gaining insights into sustainability, environmental impact, and industry practices.

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