The fifth issue of the Fourth Leap Magazine explores Innovation as the key to business recovery and progress post-pandemic. This time, we feature the Sec-Gen of MOSTI, Datuk Ir Dr. Siti Hamisah binti Tapsir and various other industry experts and thought leaders.

Fast-track your innovation with the National Technology Innovation Sandbox (NTIS)

Effective leadership, interagency collaboration and thinking-outside-the-box are a strong foundation on which to build a country’s response to health and economic risk. Dr Alan Downe of Fourth Leap interviews two dynamic leaders on overcoming challenges, being resilient, and innovating during these trying times.

By Ir. Dr Mohd Shahreen Madros

By Dr Tan Chee Pin, Dr S. Veera Ragavan, Dr Chua Wen-Shyan

By Professor (Adj.) Anthony S Rajamanickam

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