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The 18th Malaysia International Halal Showcase | 7-10 Sept 2022 | MITEC KL

A Message from the Chairman, Tan Sri Dr Halim Mohammad

Words from MATRADE CEO, Datuk Mohd Mustafa Abdul Aziz

Embracing sustainability creates competitive advantages and new market opportunities

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iHandal Sets to Expand Its Global Markets to Achieve 200 Million Tons of Carbon Emission Annually 

Fan Expert, Eco Breeze Technologies Never Stops Innovating and Improving to Make Its Products Even Better

Malaysian Lighting Experts Strive to Produce Sustainable Products for the Benefit of People and Planet

Electrical Appliances Giant Puts Malaysia on the Map With Innovative Products

Malaysian Firm Makes Waves in Global Marketplace With Innovative Solutions

Solarvest Helps to Produce Power without Negative Environmental Impact

Aims to Encourage People to Swap from Single-use Plastic Products to Biodegradable Products

Breaking through the Food Industry Market of Plant-Based Food Alternatives Locally and Internationally

NLYTech’s Plastic-Free, Eco-Friendly Products Are Made with All-Natural Ingredients

Malaysia Company Creates High-Demand Compostable Products For the World

BE Green Biomass Turns Recycling Into Sound Business Model

Heng Hiap Industries Can Customise Superior Plastic Resins, Including Recycled Ocean Bound Plastics, to Meet Various Product Requirements

Malaysian-Made Sustainable Engineering Products and Solutions

Ova Chem Heads the Right Direction with Environmental-Friendly Chemicals

Zha Environmental's Various Forms of Recycled Rubber Products and Steel Wires Are Made to the Highest Quality While Prioritising Sustainability 

Social Enterprise Dedicated to the Circular Economy, Changing How We Look at Waste & Sustainability

Malaysian Beverage Maker Brings Delightful Flavours to the Table

Reputable Dye House that Delivers Quality Products and On-Time Delivery to Customers

Sustainable Wood Solutions for Your Modern Lifestyle

Satisfying Clients With Innovative and Ever-Improving Foodservice Packaging Solutions

Collaborations with Overseas Organisations to Boost Export of Sustainable Packaging

Velson Packagings' products are Compostable and Biodegradable, Leaving No Microplastics

List of MATRADE's Upcoming Programmes

The National Trade Promotion Agency of Malaysia

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