Insightful read about nurturing sustainability and ESG excellence in the Malaysian palm oil scene

We are committed to a future where Malaysian palm oil is renowned for quality and positive contributions to the planet and society.

A recent expert-led webinar held on 2 May 2024, hosted by MPOC examined how Malaysia’s MSPO certification standard can be a compliance tool for EUDR.

Led by 1StopBorneo Wildlife, in partnership with Teck Guan Plantations, the project reconnects fragmented forests to create a thriving ecosystem within the oil palm plantation.

A second-generation indigenous smallholder, Bidin Loya leads his community’s regenerative oil palm farming movement.

Pioneering Black Soldier Fly technology transforms palm oil waste into valuable insect protein and organic fertiliser, supporting sustainability and efficiency in the palm oil industry.

To further promote the acceptance of MSPO standards, MPOC hosted UK palm oil stakeholders to explore Malaysian palm oil's sustainability and socio-economic contributions to the nation and globally.

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