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Pentamaster Corporation offers integrated solutions to various industries, ranging from pharmaceutical to semiconductors and consumer goods. Their extensive use of robotics and automation such as (i-ARMS), puts them in a favourable position with customers.

Pentamaster Corporation Berhad is a name that resonates within various sectors, especially the manufacturing industry. Based in Penang, the company was established in 1991 and now plays a major role in providing integrated and customised solutions to customers across the world.

The industry sectors served range from automotive, electrical and electronics, pharmaceutical, computer, semiconductor, consumer goods, food and beverages to general manufacturing. Additionally, the company extends their offerings with high-quality and cost-effective automated and semi-automated machinery.

Cutting Edge Technology

As one of Pentamaster’s pioneer divisions, the Pentamaster Technology encompasses their Semiconductor Smart Device Testing Solutions as well as their Optics and Photonics Sensor technology. This specialised division comes with teams of engineers, test handlers and experts to run software test solutions and functional tests using their automated test equipment.

Furthermore, the Assembly and Test Handling system has customised design for standalone high precision assembly and test for semiconductor devices. The system is fully equipped with its own control and user-friendly diagnostics interface, which is integrated with vision systems for precision alignment and quality verification.

Robotics Augmenting Processes

It is a fact that robotics and automation have greatly improved production in the manufacturing industry. Pentamaster utilises their own intelligent Automated Robotics Manufacturing System (i-ARMS) – an extensive system that integrates numerous combinations of their Automated Manufacturing Solutions (AMS) modules with other tech solutions such as RFID tracking, and Vision Inspection Guidance System. With the help of this technology, the Pentamaster Equipment Manufacturing division is able to customise and automate processes to meet customer’s needs.

With the integration of the AMS modules, Pentamaster is able to offer extensive automated functions for varying processes in manufacturing. Disassembling down to its constituent elements, the AMS modules comprises:

  • Material handling equipment which functions as a conveyor system to transfer items from one process to another.
  • Assembly and test modules that are installed to initiate assembly and functionality tests on various stages of the manufacturing process.
  • High-speed sorters to organise subjects based on test results or programmed processes.
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES), a real-time monitoring and control software platform typically utilised in the automated manufacturing system.

Elements like the MES enables real-time tracking of production throughput throughout the manufacturing process, as well as ensuring all processes follow the correct sequence in the manufacturing line.

The company envisions itself as being the top test equipment designer and manufacturer globally for Smart Sensor testing. They continue to innovate in order to stay ahead and lead the industry with their tech solutions

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