High Precision, Maximum Efficiency

Offering an extensive suite of tech offerings, Exclusive Master (M) Sdn Bhd are proficient in providing dedicated precision automation solutions and recognised standard equipment solutions for Semiconductor and Electronics Automotive, Medical, F&B and various other industries.

Rising from the ground up in Penang, Exclusive Master (M) Sdn Bhd was established in 1991. Equipped with almost 30 years of experience, they are proficient in providing dedicated precision automation solutions and recognised standard equipment solutions for Semiconductor and Electronics Automotive, Medical, F&B and various other industries.

Sustaining their business are two core segments: Equipment Automation, which tailors to customers’ needs, and Component Solutions. These segments are supported by an eclectic mix of deft design engineers from various industries, each with vast experience to elevate their products.

The company never strays from its commitment to improve and provide reliable and quality services and solutions to meet the Quality Management System Requirements and exceed their customer’s expectation.

Laser-focused On Advancement 

As part of the extensive suite of tech offerings, the company provides Laser Marking solution, which marks and tags materials and workpieces with a laser beam. With the help of this tagging technology, varying processes such as engraving, staining, annealing, removing and foaming are easily discernible. 

Furthermore, they also have the Laser Handler machine. It is a form of machining whereby a laser is trained on workpieces to remove material from metallic or non-metallic surfaces by using thermal energy. The laser serves to heat, vaporise or melt the targeted material.

Another notable solution is their Vision Inspection System, which comprises automated image-based inspection products that can be applied in numerous industries. This technology is equipped with multiple cameras, each with video and lighting capabilities.

Additionally, the system is capable of computing, measuring and verifying different parts to ensure correct positioning, as well as discerning different shapes and sizes. This is done at high speeds and enable companies to conduct a comprehensive inspection of parts for quality control purposes with access to full data storage for future traceability.

Assembling The Future

Exclusive Master tailors their services to customer’s needs by offering the Pick and Place System, which is a system that detects, picks and places the object at the desired location. This system is employed for unsavoury jobs – those that are too risky, monotonous or dirty – unsuitable for humans. The system’s speed, reliability and accuracy are crucial to its success in high octane production. With the usage of mechanical arms, it is able to dramatically improve product quality and increase workplace safety. The company’s employees are able to focus on higher value supervisory rules and avoid hazardous environment. 

Another automated system in their arsenal is the Automated Assembly System, which refers to the utilisation of automated and mechanised devices to perform various tasks in an assembly cell. The equipment is designed to follow a set sequence of assembly, combining two or more distinct parts to create a new entity which may then be incorporated into a product or as a standalone.

Ultimately, the company seeks to be the leader in the integrated design of industrial automation systems and services.

Contact Us: 

Exclusive Master (M) Sdn Bhd

No. 30, Jalan Sungai Tiram 7, Taman Perusahaan Nyaman Mutiara, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia

Tel: +604-638 3899

Fax: +604-638 3382
Email: sales@exclusive-master.com
Website: www.exclusive-master.com


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