Bringing Industry 4.0 Solutions To Customers

Bulk & Fluids Engineering values efficiency and innovation. Their Industry 4.0-proficient system, the Batching and Blending System for Packaging Line and Conveying System, is able to capture and transmit real-time data, plot data into client’s ERP and utilised for production planning.

Bulk And Fluids Engineering Sdn Bhd (BAFE) was founded in 2004. Now a fast-growing Malaysian-based company, they provide integrated process systems and equipment, steelworks fabrication for various industries involving bulk materials and fluids process engineering, as well as support to plant automation related systems and equipment. BAFE offers consultancy and Industry 4.0 solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.

BAFE develops tailor-made equipment and IoT systems as specified by design requirements and manufacturing process, all to fulfill the need of various industries. They offer distinctive engineering solutions to address the industry’s needs for bulk solids and fluids process engineering and automation. 

Smart Technology In Feed Mill Industry

BAFE have effectively enabled remote monitoring and control of the feed mill by using IoT and smart sensors. Through these feed mill industry-related solutions, they are able to:

Efficiency Is The Name Of The Game

BAFE’s Batching and Blending System for Packaging Line and Conveying System is the epitome of efficiency. Alongside real-time monitoring and control, the entire setup consists of weighing, blending, storage, feeding, product transfer, palletising and bagging systems that would work for any packaging and conveying plant.

This IR4.0-proficient system further impresses with its ability to capture and transmit real-time data via an external cloud system stored securely. This will then be plotted into the client’s ERP system and utilised for production planning, inventory and delivery management, preventive maintenance – all to provide excellent customer service and forge positive relationships.

Looking Towards Industry 4.0 And Beyond

BAFE, with the collaboration of consortium partner companies, is able to access broad commercial opportunities for future growth. This allows them to deliver technologies to their clients that will prove successful in delivering a more cost-effective and flexible plant operation.

Moving forward, the company will continue to grow in the area of IoT and Industry 4.0, with the ongoing system integration and automation for various processing plants. Also, they will channel resources into digital farming and smart agriculture to bolster the Malaysian agricultural ecosystem. 

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21, Jalan Cassia Selatan 3/3, Taman Perindustrian Batu Kawan, 14110 Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Tel: +604-507 0067/ +6016-419 0941
Fax: +604-507 0078
Contact: Mr Cheng Boon Hung


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