Automation Solutions Powering Industry 4.0

Leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies, Sophic Automation has created something of their own in the form of Tofi Bridge, Mobilert and an end to end asset monitoring system, among other products and services.

Tofi Bridge

Founded in 2007, Sophic Automation Sdn Bhd has continuously delivered on its mission to provide innovative and effective Industrial Automation Solutions. Throughout its operations, the company has actively leveraged on cutting-edge technologies and technical competency which has resulted in a successful growth in providing world-class business solutions, services and products.
Harnessing Potential of Industry 4.0 Technologies (Get Connected, Get Smarter)


Harnessing Potential of Industry 4.0 Technologies (Get Connected, Get Smarter)

With Industry 4.0 changing the manufacturing ecosystem, the race to stay ahead of the game is well on its way. At the forefront of this changing landscape is Sophic Automation, who have paved the way in terms of Industry 4.0 connectivity solutions and smart machines. A pure play technology company, Sophic has delivered proven automation solutions to more than 50 MNCs & SMEs in South East Asia.

One of their key achievements in Industry 4.0 connectivity offering includes the Tofi Bridge, which is a platform that allows for adapting and translating all types of manufacturing data into IoT Gateway-ready and compatible data.

Leveraging cloud technology, Sophic has also developed an end to end asset monitoring solution, an actionable generating visualisation platform for factory equipment, asset sensor and machine monitoring on the production floor. The perks of its application include an increase in productivity and efficiency across operations.


Besides that, Mobilert – another Industry 4.0 solution under their belt – is used to provide real-time alerts that enable quicker response time, transparency, better resource planning, also able to measure key performance indicator of the worker. In terms of asset storage and security, the company has developed a Smart Cabinet System which uses RFID to enable 24-hour access to lockers and the ability to track all the activities performed on the locker.

The company is also an expert in the field of smart machines for manufacturing and semiconductor Automation SOLUTIONS Powering Industry 4.0 companies, which include the Automated Wafer Inspection System and PythoniC – one of a kind universal solution for volumetric validation test.

Automated Wafer Inspection System

Poised For Growth

Thus far, the company has successfully maintained a CAGR growth of 30% since its establishment and has expanded their operations beyond Penang, to cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh. Sophic Automation is on a mission to become a global specialist in enabling smart Manufacturing implementations for factories and enterprises worldwide using their integrated Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

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