MITI’s Recollective is a Monthly Bulletin that Outlines the Ministry's Efforts and the Latest Malaysian Trade, Industry and Investment News

MITI Organised an Online Discussion that Highlighted the Importance of Compliance with International Labour Laws

Recent APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) IV 2020 Meeting Highlights the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Watch the Industry4WRD Series Now

National Policy to Transform the Manufacturing Sector and Related Services  

Malaysian Companies to Leverage on Opportunities from China's Technological Rise

Teroka Tech Brings the Latest Technology Topics via YouTube MARii Malaysia

November 2020 and the Period of Jan-Nov 2020

MITI Through MIDA Introduces “One Stop Centre (OSC)” for the Entry of Business Travellers into Malaysia

The Malaysia Productivity Corporation features the journey of a leader who grows his business with digital technology

Malaysia's Business Environment Conducive for Multinational Corporations

Crude Petroleum, Crude Oil Palm, Rubber, Cocoa, Sugar, Coal, Scrap Iron, etc

Surgical Gloves, Vulcanised Rubber (Excluding Fingerstalls); Soap (Flakes, Granules, Powder, Paste or Aqueous Solutions); Ferro-Manganese; Glass Fibre Threads "Chopped Strands"

ViTrox Ensures Continuous Supply of Local Talent to Prepare Nation for Industries of the Future

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