EFM features businesses in different verticals across numerous industries. Read all about the Fourth Industrial Revolution in our inaugural issue.

EFM is a quarterly e-Magazine, showcasing world-class Malaysian products and services that are innovative, unique, or currently exporting to overseas market or having projects overseas.

Oracle Tools and Fabrications provides products and services to the world’s energy and oil service companies, and also as a one-stop centre for well intervention and well completion solutions.

MIT Technologies designs leading-edge products to empower the upstream oil and gas industry, combining global technology, deep local roots in major markets and unique expertise.

Romstar aims to become the leading Intelligent Pigging (IP) company in the Asia Pacific region and is getting there, given its capabilities as a successful import substitution company in Malaysia in pipeline inspection services.

Local manufacturer ProEight is an expert in manufacturing mechanical seals and related technologies, with substantial advancements in terms of R&D and innovation.

Helms Geomarine specialises in offshore soil investigation and geotechnical engineering services. It has competent management and technical resources to service the oil and gas, renewable energy and civil engineering industries around the world.

Ancom Crop Care is a manufacturer of various agro-chemicals and timber preservatives that has made its mark both locally and globally. It continues to penetrate more markets with its range of quality chemicals.

MBK Bio-Solutions™ from Palladium Consolidated Industries Sdn Bhd is the way forward when it comes to the treatment of oil, sludge and grease in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) sector. These maintenance and cleaning agents locally manufactured in Malaysia by the Palladium Group is by design, bio-engineered to be non-toxic, environmentally friendly yet highly effective.

Customers are turning to eco-friendly plastics in an effort to minimise environmental impact. Indochine Bio Plastiques offers alternatives to PP and PE plastics for a greener, better future.

Smart Fert’s SmartGro delivers a knockout in the fertiliser trade by ensuring quality, competitiveness and efficient nutrient delivery.

Hextar Chemicals develops, manufactures, and distributes chemical products locally and globally.

Helios Photovoltaic started from humble beginnings with big dreams – to bring green alternative energy to the masses and exact change.

A leading energy consultant in Malaysia, Green Quarter is also expanding internationally covering commercial, residential and industrial buildings to advance health and wellbeing in these properties.

Gading Kencana Sdn Bhd is an iconic Malaysian company in the renewable energy sector. Their focal point is on the reduction of power usage ranging from commercial to industrial use.

Eclimo’s ES11 electric scooters are made for better urban mobility and air quality while the Eclimo Power, a plug and play high-capacity battery pack, is a life-changing portable power supply in rural and remote places.

SESB’s distinctive breaker fluid, CONFI-N SURF, efficiently removes oil-based mud cake and dramatically improves retain permeability of the reservoir. 

Bridge Fields Resources reprocesses rubber scraps with 100% conversion into high-quality rubber gums without pilferage, ensuring branded items are kept safe while keeping the environment in mind. 

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