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EFM is a quarterly e-Magazine, showcasing world-class Malaysian products and services that are innovative, unique, or currently exporting to overseas market or having projects overseas.

Seizing the gap in plus-size attire, MS. READ was born to make fashion accessible for women sizes UK12 to UK24 so they can look and feel their best no matter the occasion.

The Zulkifli sisters began to impact the world of Muslim women’s wear with their Mimpikita brand and now continue to influence the fashion scene both locally and internationally.

Promising a collection that uses highly refined quality fabrics, good craftsmanship, the most competent professionals and the latest technology in the fashion industry, Norish Kareem Couture has captured the hearts of international audiences.

Nelissa Hilman blends two seemingly opposing aspects in footwear – style and comfort. Their extensive collections promise the right pair for even the most finicky of customers. 

Kulitkraf’s leather footwear and leather goods set to satisfy the ever-growing international market.

Whether one is standing, walking or working in offices or on sales floors, in air or at fine dining restaurants, NTH Global’s Nottingheels shoes will keep them in comfort and in style.

Tomei beckons us into its tantalising world of jewellery of fine lines and fantastic forms.

Jin Huo Gold’s sparkling collections feature a superb mix of expertly crafted jewellery in designs that are fun and colourful to classic and bespoke glamour.

Landscaping for parks and recreational areas since the year 2000, Pro-Landscape Structure Sdn Bhd has expanded their arsenal of skills, products and services to cover over 10,000 projects across the globe.

High quality, efficacious and affordable, Cosmoderm beauty and grooming treats are more than skin deep.

Tropica Beauty develops formulations to deliver the very best family skincare using Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) as a prominent ingredient.

Taking advantage of Malaysia’s rich natural resources, Tanamera has carved out a name for itself as a purveyor of quality personal care products made from tropical, natural ingredients.

Crafted from environmentally friendly rubberwood, Deep Furniture products see form meets function with award-winning results

One Tech started out as typical manufacturing business but ventured into sustainable, green furniture and interior design and never looked back. Today, their environmentally friendly products are taking the Malaysian and International market by storm. 

A top manufacturer and multidisciplinary specialist brand, SKS has every solution for small to large and mega projects

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