MITI’s Recollective is a Monthly Bulletin that Outlines the Ministry's Efforts and the Latest Malaysian Trade, Industry and Investment News

Hard Work, Attention to Details Needed for True Systematic Efficiency, by Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC)

National Policy to Transform the Manufacturing Sector and Related Services  

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Malaysia Paves the Way to Tap the US$3 Trillion Halal Market

In Hosting Apec 2020, MITI Once Again Proves Agility in Pivoting, Prioritising and Progressing

Malaysia & Argentina Further Strengthen Trade & Investment Ties in the New Normal 

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Ministerial Meeting Saw Discussions on Business Prosperity, Innovation, Digital Economy and Digital Technologies

YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, Representing the Government of Malaysia, Signed the Historic RCEP Agreement Together With 14 Other RCEP Participating Countries 

Malaysia-UK Trade & Investment Ties Strengthened Through the Inception of a Joint Committee

Malaysia Records Total Approved Investments of RM109.8 Billion in the Economy, Creating 64,701 Job Opportunities for Jan-Sept 2020

October 2020 and the Period of Jan-Oct 2020

Malaysian Economy is Expected to Continue Its Recovery Trend

MRM Spearheads Programmes Meant to Boost Industry’s Design Expertise, Capabilities & Standards

NMC Advises on All Matters Related to Objectives of National Policy for Measurement System Activities

Employment Recorded a Marginal Increase of 0.5% Month-on-Month (July 2020: 0.6%) to 15.15 Million Persons in August 2020

World Economic Outlook, October 2020

Measuring or Checking Electrical Quantities for Detecting Ionising Radiations, N.E.S & Semiconductor Wafers or Devices

Powders, Lamellar Structure, Flakes of Copper (Excluding Grains of Copper & Spangles of Heading 8303) And Refined Wire Copper of Maximum Cross-Sectional Dimension of <=6mm

Crude Petroleum, Crude Oil Palm, Rubber, Cocoa, Sugar, Coal, Scrap Iron, etc

Industry 4.0 - A Buzzword, Disruptor, Enabler, a Necessity, Maybe Even a Gimmick

From Waste to Award-Winning, Rambutan Rind has Proved Its Mettle in the Cosmeceutical Scene. The Team Behind this Innovation Shares Its Journey from Research to Commercialisation and Beyond

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