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17th Malaysia International Halal Showcase; Virtual 9 Sept - 31 Dec 2021

A Message from the Chairman, Tan Sri Dr Halim Mohammad

Words from MATRADE CEO, Mohd Mustafa Abdul Aziz

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Serunai Plays Major Role in Connecting the Dots

EAPP Delivers Healthier Delights to the World Over 

Farmers River Formulates Rich, Healthy Meals for All 

Delivering Fresher, Healthier Frozen Seafood Products the Fusipim Way 

Known for Its Product Quality and Variety, Biscuit Manufacturer HwaTai Exports to Over 50 Countries

Madam Sun’s Amazing Variety of Tropical Fruits and Fruit Products Are Sure to Please All Your Senses

Omni Mal’s Dates-Related Products Not Only Look Good But Taste Good Too, and Nutritious

Providing Tasty Snacks in Convenient Packaging to the World

Ryverra’s Wide Product Range is Indulgent Enough to Satisfy Any Craving 

You Can’t Get More Variety Than the Confectionery Manufacturer’s Luscious Chocolates, Biscuits and Snacks

Taluwang Treats the World with Unique Local Flavours

Islamic Preschool Brand Genius Aulad Shares Its Preschool Education and Franchise System

Agym Promises Malaysian Made High-quality Fitness Supplements 

Bionutricia Is a Leading OEM, Botanical Extract Manufacturer and 1-Stop Raw Material Supplier

Supplements and Skin Care Series Chirping Success World Over

ATGL Embarks on Halal Strategy for Competitiveness and Growth

Trili Maju Delivers Your Goods Most Efficiently No Matter What Challenges Come

NSix Industry Plans to Further Expand Its Overseas Markets Targeting the Middle East and Continental Europe

Pharmaceutical Company Earns Consumer Trust with Cutting-Edge Products and Services

The National Trade Promotion Agency of Malaysia

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