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EFM is a quarterly e-Magazine, showcasing world-class Malaysian products and services that are innovative, unique, or currently exporting to overseas market or having projects overseas.

Engineering solutions with integrated design and analysis services is Strand’s core business 

UMW Aerospace, engine component maker to Rolls-Royce, moves to create new high-value hard metal machining businesses.  

The aviation industry in the Asia-Pacific region is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing in the world. Spurred by rapid development and the rise of developing economies, it comes as no surprise that this region is a world leader in the growth of aviation.

Underpinned by engineering and R&D capabilities, APM is on the way to becoming a globally preferred innovative mobility solutions provider 

DreamEDGE offers a multitude of innovative services and solutions to improve lives anywhere.

One of the region’s leading automotive component manufacturers, Ingress, is primed for the changing automotive landscape.

No cargo is too small nor too big for award-winning project logistics service provider GAPIMA.

As the first national logistics service provider in Malaysia, MASkargo Logistics Sdn Bhd is forging ahead as a totally integrated logistics provider in Malaysia with a global reach.  

PKT Logistics Group excels in fulfilling customer needs through a wide network coverage and services

With its proven track record and top of the range facilities, BHIC occupies pole position when it comes to providing the best products and services for its clientele in the defence and maritime sectors.  

Maritime industry player Naval Arch Marine does more than just design and builds vessels.

Gimhwak Group has built a reputation for timely and quality delivery and competitive pricing.

Expanding globally, AZTI is one of very few companies representing Malaysia in the rail industry.

Armed with projects in populous India and Indonesia, and at home, total railway solutions provider Emrail aims to be the leader in the region.

Toll solutions specialist TERAS expands to Southeast Asia on the back of consistent revenue growth and homegrown advanced R&D.

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